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Born in 1980 in the south of France, Jolly Roger started learning piano with his aunt at the age of 6, followed by cello 3 years later. In 1993 he began playing in a classical orchestra around the south of France.
He got in touch with hard rock and metal music by chance when he was 12 years old, listening to Metallica's "Master of Puppets" and  Scorpions' "Animal Magnetism" albums, soon followed by now classics like Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses,... This came as a real shock for him and he soon started to learn electric guitar on his own, founding early school bands and recording instrumental songs in his bedroom under the name of "Eerie".

What I love with electric guitar is the infinite moods you can create through it: from the heavy riffs of Death Metal to the languishing solos of 80's hard rock bands.​

Turning 17, Jolly started studying mathematics and physics before starting a career as an options trader in Paris which put on hold every music project for some time. In 2008, Jolly bought a Jackson Rhandy Rhoads USA guitar which reignited his passion for the instrument. He resumed playing several hours a day and started a solo project called "Jolly Roger" which would later become his name as a musician. He also took lessons with renowned french guitarist Thibault Abrial.
In 2011 he released a self-produced demo album "Jolly Roger" featuring instrumental songs in the style of his guitar idols: Joe Satriani, Tony Macalpine, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore,...
In 2012 Jolly Roger released a self-produced EP called "Dark Side of the Flag" with instrumental tracks including some spanish influences and even R&B rythms! He also started performing his music on stage in bars for open mic sessions as well as in the parisian subway.
In September 2012, Jolly co-founded with glam-rock singer Ricky Adams the cover band "Silver Skulls Cadillac".
In 2013, Jolly Roger started giving private electric guitar lessons.
In September 2013, he joined the hard rock cover band Sweetcover  as lead guitarist and  started playing around Paris.
Early 2014, Nugz Blacky Custom Guitars designed and created an instrument for him: the "Black Sail 6" which he extensively played on stage.

In november 2014, Jolly Roger joined bass player Klod (ex-ADX, Taï Phong,...) to found Lunatic Power a heavy/prog metal band. They released a self-produced EP "Second Part of Life" during summer 2015.

Between 2015 and 2016, Jolly Roger joined singer Blake Diamond as lead guitarist for the rock band Blake Diamond and the Pearls. They extensively played around Paris for the band's first record: "Get What You Deserve" released in February 2016.

In september 2016, Jolly Roger moved to Amsterdam.

In April 2017, Lunatic Power first album "In the Beginning..." was released and distributed by Brennus Music receiving excellent reviews from the music press. In September 2020 they released a 2nd album "The Great Light".

In January 2018, Jolly Roger joined the french hard rock band Dygitals as lead guitarist. The band's next album "God Save The King" was released in September 2020 through the German label Golden Core/ZYX Music.



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